Inclusive society

Foreign citizens who have been registered living in Iceland for at least the past 5 years (3 for citizens of other Nordic countries) and are at least 18 years old on election day can vote in municipal elections and thereby participate and have a say on matters concerning their daily lives. Municipalities provide basic services like education (kindergarten, school), day-care, sanitation, rubbish collection, urban planning, street maintenance and so on. They are also responsible for a variety of subsidies, especially for lower income homes.

Vinir Mosfellsbæjar is a civic list, the only one running in this election in Mosfellsbæ, which is not affiliated to any political party or movement. It consists of individuals with different background and experiences (among others, an Italian immigrant) brought together by the common will to contribute in improving the way matters are dealt with in our community.

We believe that fellow “Mosfellingar” that are born abroad are today a largely untapped resource, capable to enrich our community.

We therefore aim to:

  • Engage in an open and constructive dialogue to find the areas in which improvement is most needed.
  • Support and strengthen an active teaching of foreign mother tongue in cooperation with Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism.
  • Provide support for non-Icelandic speakers in their communication with Municipality authorities, for example between school and parents.

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